Valais Water Sports
& Boat Rentals in Alykanas

Alykanas Beach Zakynthos
Zante, P.C. 29090 Greece

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Jet Ski - Valais Water Sports in Alykes Zakynthos

Jet Ski

If raw horse power is what excites you then prepare yourself for a pure adrenaline rush. Choose one of our jet skis (1 to 3 seats, from 80 to 150 hp). Our experienced staff will show you how to operate them and will inform you of the required safety procedures. When you feel ready pull on the throttle and ride the waves.

Remember to follow the safety rules and respect the other bathers.

Hydro Jet - Valais Water Sports in Alykes Zakynthos

Hydro Jets

A 3 seat vessel that is going to give you the impression it emerged from a science fiction movie. It is easy to drive as it has a joystick!

An ideal treat for kids who are going to love it and the parents perhaps even more!

Windesurfing - Valais Water Sports in Alykes Zakynthos


Windsurfing is an exhilarating fun sport and more people try it year after year.

You do not have to be extremely fit to cope and it does not demand much physical strength. All you need is a good sense of balance. Build up your confidence gradually in a gentle breeze.

One of the first lessons to learn is how to turn your board around, but even if you come to the point to discover that you cannot come back, we will be there to assist you.

Just let the wind carry you out to the big blue with the sun as your companion.

Pedalo - Valais Water Sports in Alykes Zakynthos


If you want to get away from the crowds on the beach and have a peaceful stroll in the sea choose a pedalo that suits your taste and off you go. It is ideal for sunbathing and exercising your legs.

1 to 4 persons are permitted per boat.

Just make sure you don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sun lotion.

Jet Ski - Valais Water Sports in Alykes Zakynthos


Whether you’re paddling for sport, exploration, diving or just to have fun with the kids, canoeing is the perfect way to slide through the crystal waters of Alykes bay.

Welcome to Valais Water Sports in Zakynthos island

The Water Sports Centre was started in 1994 in the village of Alykanas. As time went by we managed to acquire a variety of vessels and equipment.

By choosing well trained and experienced staff we can offer the most beautiful, fun and safe way to make your holiday unforgettable.

With a large variety to choose from, jet skis, water skis, parachuting, ringos, banana, sofa, fly fish, trained staff to guide you and all safety precautions taken, you and your friends or family will be able to enjoy a new fun experience that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Valais Watersports on Alykanas Beach Zakynthos Valais Watersports on Alykanas Beach Zakynthos Valais Watersports on Alykanas Beach Zakynthos Valais Watersports on Alykanas Beach Zakynthos Valais Watersports on Alykanas Beach Zakynthos

The Location

Alykanas is a relaxing family tourist resort located on the East coast of Zakynthos island. It is situated 16km from the city of Zakynthos and 26km from the airport.

The beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and a few beach bars. Close by, you will find tavernas, shops, bars and restaurants. Couples, groups of friends as well as families can enjoy themselves as there is something for everyone. At a small distance Alykes and Amoudi can offer a change of scenery.